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I’d Rather Be Restless, Kurt/Blaine, NC-17 


prompt: Blaine is a professor at NYADA and hires an escort who turns out to be one of his students, Kurt Hummel.
warning: age difference (Kurt is 20, Blaine is 30), sex work, slight exhibitionism. based off of this gkm prompt. 5,700+ words.


Blaine starts noticing him - really noticing him - around the same time that Kurt starts falling asleep in class.

Blaine can’t really blame the students. It wasn’t that long ago he was yawning his way through grad school lecture classes, and History of Drama isn’t the most riveting subject when you’re at a school like NYADA.

But there’s something about Kurt that’s just… different. Not just the fact he’s attractive, but something about the way he holds himself, and the way he smiles at Blaine when he walks into the room. Blaine is ever aware of his presence in class and that’s why he asks Kurt to stop for a minute after class is dismissed one afternoon.

Kurt looks equal parts sleepy and guilty, and god help him, but Blaine finds it adorable.

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Prompt Fill: Taking Charge (Maybe) (NC-17) 


littlepinklola promptedOhhhhh rimming and SEX with kurt or blaine being pinned to the bed with their hands being held above their heads

A little bit of fluff slipped in as well, because apparently I can’t write them any other way.

(Can also be read at the AO3)

“You really thought -” Kurt straddles the backs of Blaine’s thighs, leans down to press a quick kiss to the back of his neck, lingers there for a moment to breathe against his warm skin. “You really thought you could just walk around in those pants all day and, god, dance like that, and not make me want to -” he stops, kisses Blaine’s neck again, rolls his hips forward so his erection presses against Blaine’s perfectly shaped ass and rubs against him through the layers of clothes.

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"A Different Kind Of Burn" - Kurt/Blaine 


So Mandy and I were discussing how we kind of want NYC!Blaine to let go on the manscaping a little and—well.  Nature took its course.

Stubble!fic was born.  Warnings for: rimming and beard burn in naughty places.

The thing is, he just doesn’t have the time.  It shocks him, because even at the busiest point of his high school career he made time.  His schedule, locked down to the second, had been simultaneously the most OCD thing about him as well as the most impressive.  So when he moves to New York and becomes a college student and everything seems to be designed to be impossible—balancing classes, rehearsals, auditions, and course work—he slowly begins to realize that he’s just not going to be able to control his day the way that he used to at McKinley.

Especially not when you add “boyfriend” and “relationship rebuilding” into that equation.

The first thing to go is obsessive gelling.  Not gelling entirely—he still hates his natural hair with the fire of a thousand suns and the thought of not styling it doesn’t even occur to him.  But he cuts the gel use by at least fifty percent, working the curls and puffy strands into a neat arrangement without slicking everything down into a helmet the way he had when control over every aspect of his appearance had been one of the things that kept him sane after he’d lost Kurt.

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The level of flailing and swooning I am obliged to engage in when you do that is really quite unseemly.


The level of flailing and swooning I am obliged to engage in when you do that is really quite unseemly.


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significantmeaning prompted: control freak

(warning for bp!blaine)

Blaine has been tied spread eagle to the mattress for nearly two hours now, with Kurt between his legs.

Blaine wasn’t so sure about this at first, but what Kurt wants, Kurt gets.

And what Kurt wanted was Blaine completely helpless, as Kurt worked him over slowly again…and again…and again, edging him, but with no relief.

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Jonathan Groff(USA, 27)@『OUT』.

HleP mE…

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