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Quinn can make sense if you want her to. Just like Blaine. 



The thing that will forever irritate me the most about Glee fandom was the lack of…yeah okay sympathy, but really mostly the lack of imagination most people was willing to put forth when it came to Quinn’s storyline.

Based off very little little cannon information we have made huge, involved, interesting head cannons for Blaine’s family and using that information we explained everything form his wardrobe, his mental state, his infidelity and that one time he sneezed.

(We can infer and guess till the cows come home, but if cannon can blow your idea out of the water in 2.5 seconds with an actual scene of Blaine and his family then…yeah you’re doing some guess work. Which is pretty much what fandom is for so yay.)

We do the same thing with Kurt.

But with buckets of actual cannon information (Her horrible religious parents who she still loved even as they threw her out of the house. Remember the “Please I’m scared I need you!” conversation? Her roller coaster of a ride trying to fit back into Mckinley the fact that know..had a baby at 16 and that maybe had an effect on her and how she viewed her life. Nothing? Really?” ) Quinn was just repeatedly written off as “Nope crazy. Glee writer’s hate Quinn and her storyline makes no sense. No sense at all. How can anyone make sense of that girls’ storyline?”

Let’s be honestly, LOTS of Glee storylines don’t make sense. But there was a surprising lack of attempts to put some of the pieces together to figure out why Quinn does the thing she does. And you can do it! You have BUCKETS of stuff to work with!

It was just really disappointing.

I always felt this way too, Poems. 

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pianos going up in flames are metaphors for UST obvs.


pianos going up in flames are metaphors for UST obvs.

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Quinn Fabray + tumblr text posts

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favorite quinn fabray's hairstyles | asked by fabrays

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 Is this me feeling enough for you?

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The Unholy Trinity | Toxic

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Glee | Keep Holding On

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What love can do, that dares love attempt.

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