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prompt: reaction fic for 5x15 with klaine and lots of kissing. no, really, that’s pretty much it.

warning: reference to assault (and Kurt’s healing bruises & cuts) but there’s nothing save for tender lovin’ care here ♥

They’re getting ready for bed when Kurt wraps his arms around Blaine and hugs him from behind, harder than Blaine expects him to, whispering, “I miss kissing you.”

His voice is soft, fierce with emotion that makes Blaine’s chest tighten. He’s been sleeping over every night since Kurt got home from the hospital - at first on the couch but eventually Kurt shuffled out into the living room to ask Blaine to sleep beside him, and Blaine almost sobbed in relief - and it hasn’t been easy for them, being together but in a way so much gentler, more cautious than they’re used to.

Blaine turns around in Kurt’s arms and opens his mouth to reply but Kurt shakes his head, mouth tugging up with a hint of a smile. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate the cheek kisses and the eskimo kisses—”

Blaine beams.

"—but I guess, I don’t know." Kurt shrugs sheepishly. "I miss your mouth on mine. I miss making out, don’t you?”

"C’mere," Blaine says, taking Kurt’s hand in his and leading him to the bed. They share a knowing smile, because, well, usually it’s the other way around.

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so people wanted me to talk about sterek nipple play 


I bet it happens pretty early in their whatever it is that they’re not calling a relationship because both of them have issues of one flavour or another.

But they’ve fallen into the equally distressing and reassuring habit of saving each other’s lives, on some kind of turn-based system that Stiles has yet to decipher. And if that’s led to frantic hand jobs, sloppy dick sucking, messy-biting kisses and a whole lot of frottage in the moments after the smoke clears and yes, they’re all still alive, what are the odds, then hey Stiles isn’t gonna complain, even if it would be nice to actually get horizontal or all the way naked one of these days.

And Derek isn’t blind, or y’know, headless, which he’d have to be not to notice the way you can see Stiles’ nipples no matter how many layers he wears, peaked and puffy like… like he’s been tugging on them, maybe, rolling and pinching them between his fingers. Or something. Derek doesn’t know. He just thinks about it a lot.

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kurt/blaine: burt pov, 1000 words

a/n: my hard drive died and i lost like 99% of my wips so i haven’t written klaine for months and this is like me awkwardly catching up with two friends i haven’t seen in ages and has like no structure and is the opposite of good but w/e hi ♥

Burt doesn’t have a whole lot of time for guilt, not unless he’s really earned it. Two decades ago he spent a whole week thinking he’d lost Lizzie’s wedding ring and his conscience made sure he felt every damn second of it even though she didn’t. He deserved that. It may have been pointless, but it’s not as if he’s ever been the kind of man to try to subscribe any concrete point to being human either. He just is. Sometimes these things are unavoidable and sometimes they feel like shit.

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don’t hold this war inside (scott/stiles)  


Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Mature
Warnings: N/A
Relationships: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski

He doesn’t mean to listen in to Stiles’ conversation, but Stiles is close and never quite learned the art of subtlety. He has one hand pressed against the back of the jeep, putting all his weight against it. Like maybe it could hold him up. Like he doesn’t trust his own legs. “Yeah, Dad. Scott’s got my back. I’ll….” he trails off like he was going to lie and thought better of it. “I’m working on it…. Yeah. I’ll call…. Love you.”

He runs his fingers through his hair as Scott makes his way to the passenger seat. Stiles looks tired, still. Worn out and stretched thin. “You want me to drive?” Scott asks.

“I got it,” Stiles says, like it’s the one thing he’s sure of. “I got it.”

or; the one where Scott and Stiles don’t talk until they do.

on ao3

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never trust a fox (o’brosey m)  


in which things get a little sexier during shooting, but they both kind of saw it coming, anyway. 

rpf. allusions to past sexual history. 

“Hey, bro. How do you think we should play this?”

Dylan’s lying back on the couch in Tyler’s trailer, thumbing through the last five pages of the script. He pulls his feet up just in time to avoid being trapped under Tyler’s ass as he flops down.

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Adam the Accidental Blaine-Sitter - shamelessly_mkp - Glee [Archive of Our Own] 



"It was an accident, of course. Just one of those funny things that happens."


WARNINGS: This is a story about accidental age-play - since it’s accidental, there’s a certain lack of informed consent going on. I don’t think it’d be triggering at all, but wanted to flag it for folks just in case.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Not a part of the Baby Kinksters ‘verse, nor in the same universe as my daddy!kink fic. It may or may not be in the same universe as my intended future non-sexual ageplay klaine fics; idk.

(now cleaned up and with 83% more logical days of the week!)

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Kurt/Blaine, 1.5k, PG

Bash reaction fic. I’m doing the writing as a tool to work out how I feel about things response now, so… this is really just my mind wandering and justifying certain behaviors, but in fic form. 

"I’m worried," Blaine says to Rachel.

They’re in the waiting room at the hospital. Burt and Kurt are having another of those long talks they keep having. Blaine gets antsy feeling exiled from the space, but Kurt’s being discharged later that afternoon and Blaine can’t help but hope things will feel a little less tense for all of them once Kurt is back home.

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He feels insanely out of his depth right now. It’s so strange to love someone as fully as he does Kurt and still feel like there’s so much to them that not only do you not know but you barely even recognize and feel terribly intimidated by.

This hits me so hard right now. So hard.

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my baby goes bang, bang, bang (die and kill for love) 


stiles is faced with a choice—let scott die, or kill.

You will do horrible things for love. You will blink and your hands will be red and your eyes will be sharp and black. For the first time your teeth will feel like fangs.

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alittledizzy said: Chris and Darren try hummus. ;) and I kind of love her a lot, and this prompt was divine, so I had to write it. Somehow, it turned into this 2000+ word, highschool!CrissColfer drabble, but I hope it fits the bill and that you all enjoy it. :) Much love and hummus to you…

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fic: Preference 


crisscolfer, ~3k. Read on AO3.

Chris signs up for a psychology short film project where strangers are asked to kiss for the first time on camera.

The dimness of the spacious rented studio is disorienting after the brightness of the afternoon sunlight, and Chris takes off his sunglasses quickly, blinking rapidly to adjust.  The room comes into focus in spots and splotches and he can see the makeshift backdrop and standard lighting, the single mounted camera and the small crew that is working to set it all up.

A girl with a clipboard and a nose ring approaches him.  “You here for the short film?” she asks, and Chris nods.

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