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Nocturnal Avenger

Chris/Darren, PG, AU. 

(Mav wanted Comic Con fic. So Mav gets Comic Con fic.)

Chris is gonna do it.

He’s gonna do it.

He’s been working up his nerve for the past forty five minutes, but he’s totally gonna do it.

"You’re not gonna do it," Melissa says.

"Shut up," Chris hisses. It works, though. She knows just how to appeal to his competitive nature.

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pornstar AU: a legit punishment. I don't even care what Darren does wrong or what the punishment is but I wanna see a legit not for fun punishment :) (does that count as one of your verses? cause I know you right it was alittledizzy)



The punishment isn’t anything he hasn’t endured before. It certainly isn’t more painful than anything they’ve done in pleasure but that isn’t really the point. It isn’t about pain and it isn’t about breaking him, Darren knows that. No matter how hard both of them try, no one is perfect; no relationship is without its shares of bumps. It doesn’t make it any easier to handle when he’s the one who screws up.

Darren knows punishment isn’t about Chris being angry or making him hurt, he knows that. He knows it hurts Chris just as much to have deal out a punishment, he can see the pain in Chris’s own eyes from where he’s kneeling on the floor and that’s it. That is the part that hurts the most. It is seeing the hurt and disappointment reflect back in his Dom’s eyes, the shame at knowing how he failed and hurt the one he loves the most. The punishment isn’t about making Darren hurt; it is about making him feel better. It is about taking the pain that he feels from disappointing Chris and replacing it. It is acknowledging it and giving it a response and wiping the slate clean

He’s never able to keep quiet, he can’t stop the broken sobs that well up in his throat and spill out each time he remembers Chris’s face and feels the guilt wedge tighter into his chest. It hurts worse than any thing device Chris could use on him. He clings tightly and takes his punishment and lets Chris break apart that feeling of guilt and shame and replace it, instead with his hand, reprimanding him before than smoothing over his back and holding him close and reminding him that he is forgiven.  

Chris hates this. He hates the punishments, probably more than Darren does. He hates the guilt and shame on Darren’s face and how it always feels like he’s breaking Darren even though he knows this is what it takes to keep him (them) from breaking. He stopped being angry about what Darren did the second they stepped into this scene. This isn’t about his anger; this is about relieving Darren of what he’s inflicting upon himself. 

Darren’s crying. He always cries. Tears and snot drip down his face, and he’s not quiet about it. Chris would never order him to be. No words are allowed, but the sobs - they’re almost part of it, driving the punishment home harder when all either of them can hear is the hitching wet sound of them. 

If Chris could push a magic button to make them never need to go through this again, he would. But he can’t and here they are with Darren on his knees (he’ll need the carpet burn lotion for after) and everything just pouring out in the space between them. Chris is hyperaware of it all. He’s not even sure if Darren could safeword when he’s in a subspace like this, full of spiderweb cracks in his coherance and nothing but all that hurt and regret and guilt. So he watches for both of them, to make sure they’re not pushing past any limits. 

They’ll be done soon. Chris wants it so bad that the thought almost (almost) makes his hand shake. He’ll let Darren collapse and he’ll fall to his knees too and draw Darren in, let Darren rest his head on his lap and pet his hair until the tears are gone and then they’ll take the whole evening for recovery. 

They’ll need it. 

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Shhhh! (part three)
1.5k, Rated PG

It’s a high school-age library au, whee. 

AO3 for previous parts 

Darren is pretty sure of a few things: that Chris likes hanging out with him, that Chris likes making out with him, and that Chris likes… him.

He’s not at all sure why Chris looked like he was about to piss himself when he saw Darren in school or why he cold-shouldered so hard that Darren is still feeling the freeze burn of it, but Darren’s not the type of guy easily dissuaded from things he wants.

And he does want Chris. He’s a senior, he only has a few months left in this school and the future is big and wide and open after this, but he’s not going to be so wrapped up in what comes next that he lets right now go to waste.

He realized he was fucked the first time he daydreamed about taking Chris to prom.

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End of an Era (Beginning of Another) - Pornstar AU
by savvymavvy and alittledizzy
Chris/Darren, explicit, 2.4k

Warnings for bdsm and daddy kink. This part is strictly Chris/Darren.  

We lost track of the ask prompting this, so if it was your request - hope you enjoy it! 

Darren takes a deep breath before finishing his email to work. He has to give notice that he will not be available for anymore privates and he knows work isn’t going to like that. They make the majority of their money on offering private chat sessions and telling clients that they can get a longer, more personable experience for just a quick bit of cash and for Darren to say he’s now not going to do that when he used to… Yeah, work isn’t going to be happy.

But that’s okay. Darren is fine with that because this wasn’t the career he wanted long-term anyways and Chris? Yeah, Chris is definitely long term.

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Chris/Darren (AU)
1.9k, Rated R

It’s a high school-age library au, whee. For all your lighthearted schmoopy needs. (But mostly for my own lighthearted schmoopy needs.) Thanks bright-young-women for the beta help!


Darren’s pretty bad at being quiet. He always
means to obey the rules, but he just gets excited and he gets a little carried away. Life is boring without a little noise to it.

“He doesn’t have to be such a dick about it,” Darren whispers sulkily, glaring in the direction of the shelver kid who just went out of his way to shush Darren.

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klaineers prompted: prompting kurt and blaine having a fight in front of their kids and afterwards blaine feels really awful and like a bad dad because his parents used to fight in front of him all the time bye

Blaine can tell before Kurt’s even fully through the door that he’s had a bad day: it’s in the set of his jaw, the hard flatness to his eyes, the slightly stooped way that he carries himself, not like the normal Kurt Hummel who is as tall as a mountain and nearly as strong, as he drops his keys in the bowl by the door.

“Hey, sweetie,” Blaine calls from the kitchen, craning his neck as he puts the last finishing touches on the casserole he’s making. Their six-year-old daughter Dahlia and their seven-year-old son Tanner are at the breakfast bar busying themselves with setting the places for dinner. They’re doing it all wrong, horribly wrong, but Blaine had given up correcting them ten minutes ago; at least this way when they think that they’re helping it keeps them out of Blaine’s hair.

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Finally: Special is revised and the ebook is ready to go. (Thank you very much to donnaseabrook/creamsicles-r-delicious for the ebook covers!)

If you have never read the story before, here, have a summary: 

Being a part of something special makes you special. (Also, having superpowers.)

When the end to the school year turns up a crop of superpowers in New Directions, they find themselves as sudden heroes. At first, the biggest challenges appear to be finding villains to defeat in the quiet state of Ohio while keeping everyone not in a mask ignorant of their superpowered identities. Soon, though, they discover that they are involved in something much bigger than show choir Nationals. When death and destruction come calling for them all, it’ll be a good day if the collateral damage is limited to New York City being wiped off the map. 254,768 words

Warnings: it’s a Marvel crossover, so the old comic book standbys of violence and character death are out in full force. 

If you’ve read the story before, all the way back in its post-S2 origins, nothing new will immediately grab out and smack you. This was a revision for reading ease, internal continuity, emotional weight, etc. Between re-written chunks and additional content, I’d say maybe 5-10% of it is “new” (to various definitions of the word). 

Death and All His Friends will follow soon, and at a much faster pace than this editing attempt. (I’ve been wanting to put up web space for a while for bigger pieces, and that was a delay here.) Then: finishing Not Miles But Days.

And then I will have written one of the silliest crossover concepts possible, and taken about 2/3 of the length of the entire Harry Potter series to do so.


homepage (in progress) | direct link to Special

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Kurt/Blaine, GoT AU, NC-17 


Anonymous asked you: hi hi! what about klaine, intercrural sex (maybe historical?)

aaand so i wrote a Game of Thrones AU with runaway lord!Kurt and blacksmith!Blaine (think Arya and Gendry without the major age difference)

The inn was gritty and small, the company mostly foul though the place was run by an honest family, and Kurt disappeared upstairs as soon as his meal was finished, ignoring Blaine’s concerned look.

They usually didn’t take the risk of staying at inns, not with the Kingsguard looking for both of them, but they had enough gold to pay for a room and someone to look after the horses, and Kurt was tired of sleeping huddled up underneath trees. His back and legs ached from the riding and running, and the promise of a soft bed was worth the risk.

Kurt took one look at the tub in the corner of the room, filled halfway with water warmed from the fire, and finally gave in.

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they don’t have to get caught up 


Malia didn’t know why it was Stiles. They’d all — well, they’d all taken her away form herself, made her human, which was itchy and cold and too-bright. She wasn’t angry about that anymore, really. Most nights.

She’d smelled him and Scott when they’d come into her den, thought nothing of it except Bad. Wrong. Intruder.

He wasn’t the one who’d changed her, but Scott was Alpha. Was strong and power and apex. She can feel his power thrumming under his skin and it should be scary, should make her turn tail and run but….it’s almost a comfort now. He is patient, and kind, never snaps, never tries to push her into something she’s not. She can tell, sometimes, that he’s afraid of his wolf, but she doesn’t know how to tell him it’s beautiful.

She sees, sometimes, the half glances between them—Stiles and Scott, alpha and human—Scott will open his chest around Stiles, expose his neck, relax his shoulders. Malia knows trust. Malia doesn’t trust. Scott listens to Stiles, defers to him, sometimes. Often enough that she gets the vague feeling it’s supposed to be unusual. That happens, sometimes, knowing something is strange or off or weird but not knowing why. She’s got good instincts. It’s how she’s survived.

Malia doesn’t know if she’s pack. She doesn’t do pack, doesn’t have one. But she trusts Stiles and Stiles trusts Scott so she trusts Scott’s instincts, now. Scott changed her into this, then helped her change back. She knows, in the deepest part of her, that he is good. 

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The Bushwick Loft Rules, By Artie Abrams 


  1. Santana is not allowed to go through other people’s stuff. Period. (And no, suspected drug dealer boyfriend isn’t a good enough reason, even if you were right that one time)
  2. Rachel may not spend longer than thirty minutes at a time in the bathroom, especially if she’s just inspecting her body in the mirror for marks. Santana was lying about the ticks. 
  3. Blaine and Kurt are not permitted to have noisy sex when other people have an early class the next day.
  4. Similarly, all role-play must be done when everyone is out. Bringing a girl back and hearing “Oh Nightbird!” is one hell of a mood killer. 
  5. Monday night dinners are compulsory for all to attend. Guests are welcome. Nudity is not permitted. I mean it Santana.
  6. Cheesecake bought using the household money must be equally shared by all. No matter how bad a day you’ve had, Kurt.
  7. Santana is forbidden from singing Sex Bomb at the top of her voice to cover the sounds coming from Kurt’s section of the loft. Earplugs are sufficient and less disruptive to the rest of us, we don’t want to hear you and Kurt fight again.
  8. Sam and Blaine must bring their own snacks when coming over to play video games. They don’t even live here!
  9. All relationship drama must occur between the hours of 4 and 6pm. Outside of these hours Aunty Artie’s Advice Unit is non-operational.
  10. Room-mates (and Sam, Mercedes, and Blaine) are to consent to being filmed and used in Artie’s genius films without notice. If you don’t, that door will start getting locked. Why do none of you carry keys?
  11. Santana may not use Kurt’s razor to shave her legs. Especially if she then doesn’t tell him that she did.
  12. Artie’s wheelchair is not a makeshift scooter to be borrowed when you are running late.
  13. It is also not to be appropriated to make a roller coaster ride out of the stairs.
  14. Blaine must go to Elliott’s if he wants to rehearse. One more verse of Glitter Rock Vampire and he will be banned for good.
  15. I don’t want to know why there are feathers everywhere, or why they are sticky. Just clean them up.
  16. Rachel must not do vocal runs at 2am, no matter how much she might insist she needs to.
  17. I mean it Rachel.
  18. Santana may not fill the loft with bubbles and call it a foam party. We know you were just too liberal with the dish soap.
  19. The coffee cupboard must be stocked at all times. Pre-caffeinated Kurt’s bite is far worse than his bark.
  20. Santana is not permitted to assist with wedding planning. A nude wedding is an awful idea. As is not allowing Artie to film it, or banning Rachel from singing at the reception. Santana may be allowed to plan the bachelor party, if she stops hiding Blaine’s hair gel when he stays over… every night. (Are we sure he moved out?)

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