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Rated PG-13, ~1k

For Kaitlyn/ kurthummel who is a sweetheart and an awesome person and a total colfter enabler. Thanks for voting for Stella!

There’s something so strange about relearning someone you almost already knew.

Chris lives a busy life. People cluster like pixels on a screen, forgotten all but for the big picture they make up. Actors on a project, writers in meetings, friends of friends of friends. There’s a special place in his life for family and friends and people he’s dated or slept with and the rest just… fall into the background - until they get dredged up for some reason.

That’s why it’s a surprise to see Joey Richter’s name on the casting list for his latest movie. Chris hesitates, almost tempted to say no just to avoid awkward conversations, but his brief introductions to Joey were never anything memorable for unpleasant reasons and he remembers a distant time ago when he sat in his bedroom in Clovis, California and watched this guy on his computer screen.

Joey makes it through the first couple of rounds of auditions without Chris giving any input, but when it comes down to Joey and a couple other guys Chris gives them a nudge in the right direction.

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"Here We Go Again" - Kurt/Blaine 


Foam party blowjob.  Spoiler related.

"Well, this is nothing like the last time," Blaine observes rather casually as Kurt slams a broom across the closet door, panting from the dash down the hall, gangling and uncoordinated because, well, he’s kind of graceless at times, but also because foam, and Blaine on his knees, and these things don’t combine very well. He sort of gets it against the doorknob, and sort of doesn’t, and neither of them care.

"Last time," Kurt breathes, falling back against the particle board as Blaine kisses his hips frantically.

"In the warehouse, with the Warblers—"

"I remember last time," Kurt says, shoving his fingers through Blaine’s hair. Blaine knows that he likes it this way, right now, because he can get to the scalp and draw Blaine in without digging through the usual gel crust and this means so many more seconds doing what they want to be doing. "I remember every second of last time."

"Me too," Blaine pants.

It’s kind of gross, because everything tastes like soap and also, he doesn’t care, like, at all, because he can see Kurt’s thigh hairs, and Kurt’s dick jutting sideways against the hip of his soaked pants, can see every ridge and dip and the head swollen up and he can’t think at all, even though half of their friends are like, three feet away.

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xohrhchriscolfer prompted: klaine showering together because kurt thinks it will save time/hot water in the mornings, but blaine can’t keep his hands to himself and kurt’s getting frustrated like “seriously blaine I SAID NO FUNNY BUSINESS”

Blaine yawns again and nuzzles at Kurt’s shoulder, sliding his fingers just underneath Kurt’s fuzzy robe to grip at his hip. “Mmm, and why did you drag me out of bed for shower sex again?”

"I said for showering, Blaine. Not shower sex. This way we’re saving water and we don’t have to fight over one of us using too much hot water—”

"It’s you," Blaine supplies helpfully. "You’re the one who always uses too much hot water."

"Anyway," Kurt says loudly, "there’s no reason we can’t just share a shower and get clean together. Other couples do it all the time, don’t they?"

Blaine strokes his fingers over Kurt’s bare skin, tilting his chin up to give Kurt a considering look. “The tub is pretty small, though. Are you sure we’re not going to have sex?”

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Summary: Blaine wakes up before Kurt. In more ways than one.

A/N: because ems wanted early!klaine getting off together *u*

Perhaps it was a bit lame to tell Mercedes and Tina that they couldn’t go to the mall after school because they were going to nap.

It’s just that after a long week of classes and dancing and singing, all he really wants to do is curl up beside Kurt and wake up beside Kurt.

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a kid at hogwarts who just wants to get a proper education but can’t focus because of all of the shit harry potter and his friends keep getting themselves into

Jenna B. Lacey, age eleven, knew exactly what she was going to do with her life.

She was going to go to Hogwarts, get top grades, and be the youngest female Minister of Magic by age 35.

It would have been a good plan, if she hadn’t been in the same year as Harry Potter.

*   *   *   

Year one started out great. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, did well in all her classes, and aced the exams.

A troll smashed its way through the study room she was in on Halloween, but that wasn’t going to deter her. 

*   *   *   

Year two was a disaster. People were getting petrified, and worse—the teachers had to herd them from place to place, which severely cut down on her library time. She had to study in the common room, which meant instead of a nice, quiet atmosphere, she got a soundtrack of nervous Hufflepuffs.

And on top of that, exams were cancelled. It was a disaster.

*   *   *   

Third year, she started to notice a trend.

First the troll, than the petrifications, and now dementor guards and escaped convicts. What did they all have in common? Potter.

After Black broke in and everyone had to spend the night in the Great Hall, interrupting Jenna’s last minute studying for a test the next day, she took to giving Potter angry looks in every class.

He did not notice.

*   *   *   

They announced the Triwizard tournament at dinner the first night of fourth year, and Jenna almost started crying.

Potter was going to take this one over. She just knew it.

And she was right.

Voldemort rose at the end of the year. She honestly didn’t know what she had expected.

*   *   *    

Fifth year brought Umbridge. She joined the DA because she was going to need a better background in defense, but that didn’t mean she was any happier about Potter.

She imagined it was him she was hexing instead of Zachariah Smith.

But, by the end of the year, focus on her studies was impossible. After Dumbledore left, it was complete anarchy.

Potter’s fault. Of course.

*   *   *   

Sixth year she started volunteering in the hospital wing. She needed a backup plan in case Potter fucked it up.

All seemed quiet, until they brought Malfoy in. It was apparently Potter’s fault, which surprised everyone except Jenna.

Later, she was peacefully studying in a little nook on the third floor when some Death Eaters and some other adults started dueling right under her nose.

This was the worst fucking school, honestly.

*   *   *   

They were calling it “The Final Battle.”

Jenna ran through the hall, dodging in and out of the children evacuating, until she saw him. 


He turned, startled. “Um—Jenna, right? We’re sort of busy—”

She grabbed the front of his shirt and hauled him up until he was eye level with her. “If I’m not Minister of Magic by age 35, it is going to be entirely your fault and I’m going to hurt you.”

She dropped him and stormed away, leaving him to whatever he was doing. She had to fight this goddamn war so she could go back to her fucking studying.

*   *   *   

She became Minister of Magic at age 36.

Fucking Potter.

I think I just found the best Harry Potter fanfic


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Every Stop I Make, I Make a New Friend 


Title: Every Stop I Make, I Make a New Friend

Rating: R - for sexual situations and a little bit of course language

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, with side of Kurt/Elliott and Blaine/Santana friendships.

WC: 7100

Summary: “The pup leaned down to nuzzle his nose to Kurt’s cheek…Kurt was in so much trouble.” - Puppy Play AU

Warnings: BDSM/leather/kink type situations/environments (including brief mentions of S/M violent scenes), pet play/puppy play (humans - not hybrids - acting like animals), a blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment of light slut shaming, and potentially humiliating situations

Notes: Thanks to likearumchocolatesouffle for the beta (and the title suggestion!), and to somethingdarrenish for the read-through and the encouragement! :)


The air in the hotel ballroom-turned-Leather-club was heavy with anticipation and want. The room was packed, and all around him men were pressed close together; scene negotiators and hook up hopefuls alike adding their voices to the constant buzz of sound humming just below the throb of music. Kurt could feel the undercurrent of lust and sex in the set of his teeth, and he shivered as it washed up and down his spine in tingling waves.

From his place at the bar he watched in the low light as Elliott danced, the other man’s head thrown back as his current dance partner’s hands trailed up and down his bare arms and chest while they moved together.

Kurt grinned, taking a sip of the second whiskey he’d been nursing since arriving at the party nearly an hour earlier.

Beside him an Old Guard Sir was observing the crowd as well, and Kurt couldn’t help standing a little straighter whenever Sir’s eyes flickered down to the black and white checkered and grey handkerchiefs folded in neat squares in the left back pocket of his black pants.

He knew that it shocked some of the men that he met at parties like these that he flagged as a safe-sex/bondage top - or that he flagged as a top at all - but the older man beside him seemed more impressed than surprised.

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Wrong luggage pickup AND there’s sex toys in the wrong suitcase AND the characters of your choice *chinhands*

“… oh-kay. Um. This is not my bag.”

Blaine frowns. “Yes it is. Black Samsonite, SFO to LGA, ‘Chang’ on the luggage tag. It’s your bag, Mike.”

“No, it’s not.” Mike shakes his head. “Look, it says ‘COHEN-Chang’ on the luggage tag. And I just opened it to shove my coat inside and dude, those are NOT my strap-ons.”

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"Unscripted" - Chris/Will 


Will is working.  Chris really wants to be fucked.  Cockwarming ensues. (At least, until their patience runs out.)

Chris sees the Starbucks cup on the counter in the kitchen and knows that his plans have been shot to hell. There’s a Post-It on the rim of the cup that reads, “working — have to finish act 1 by 2 PM — inspired this morning woo!! babies are fed and coop is in his crate xo xo”.

He sighs.

Clearly Will has yet to telepathically connect to his brain, despite all appearances to the contrary. So he does what he usual does—a whole bunch of random shit that he doesn’t really need to do on his day off. He replies to emails. He tweaks outlines for a variety of story ideas. He picks out tomorrow’s outfit. He texts Alla, and then a few friends. He heats up and drinks his chai.

It’s almost painful how he anticipates days off the way a martyr anticipates sainthood, but the moment that he has free time he can’t stop his brain from going and he has no idea what to do with that time other than waste it.

He’d had ideas, is the thing. And then he’d rolled over onto Will’s side of the bed and it had been empty.

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Okay, so you’re probably here because of Alan Trebond (or Jonathan Conte! We don’t judge!), but let me TELL you about the rest of the team, too. This post is pretty image-heavy, so beware!


Okay, so: the Tortall Knights are an Original Six team. They’re based in Corus, the capital of Tortall, and they have a long and glorious history. In their early years, they were a total powerhouse who dominated primarily because of a very aggressive playing style. More recently, under the ownership of Roald Conte, they’ve mellowed out a lot— and, for a while, were pretty much just a really nice bunch of guys who totally sucked at hockey.

All that changed about five years ago, when this guy:


was selected as their first round draft pick.

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* * *

(Summary: The riveting tale of Jonathan Conte attempting to re-build the Tortall Knights into a hockey team that actually, you know, wins games. And maybe someday even the Stanley Cup.

Notes: It’s not a lie that I love fandom meta like a LOT. So when we came up with the idea for this fic I said “WE SHOULD WRITE IT AS A FANDOM PRIMER” and lo, it was so. Few of the links are live, because I didn’t have that kind of time (although that may change). All of the fancasts here are pretty damn quick-and-dirty; sorry if our vision doesn’t match yours and can we just pretend that Maisie Williams has red hair? This entire thing was written in one night and is essentially the Song of the Lioness but set in the modern world and with hockey. I did most of the writing on this, but penguinutopia and andromeda-reinvented helped a LOT; rhodesstark and kaltheras also yelled about beards and jawlines and hockey rules.  You can also read this on Livejournal here, if you are feeling nostalgic.)

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"Turn and Face the Strain" - Chris/Darren/Will/Mia 


Poly!verse.  An assortment of non-chronological scenes with all kinds of mash-ups centered around the theme of first times/transitions/turning points.  A little bit of angst, some fluff, and a good dose of smut.

Poly!verse Masterpost

Will falls in love with Mia at Disneyland, and he isn’t even sure why it happens here and now.

Oh, sure, they are both huge Disney geeks—all of them are—and it’s a beautiful day during a beautiful time of year and they’re wearing Mickey and Goofy ears respectively and she’s wearing a denim skirt and a polka-dotted blouse with her hair up in a sloppy bun and she is so alive and so beautiful. She drags him around by his hand more than she holds it. She curses like a sailor and points out cute guys and girls to him. They ride the rides and eat overpriced Disney-character shaped food and drink from novelty cups, and he is so grateful that their friends had canceled that he doesn’t even know how to express it.

After, they go to one of her favorite bars and get drunk off of margaritas, and then take a cab back to her place. They spend the night talking shit about their worst projects/industry jobs until they fall asleep. The next morning, he decides to stay, even though it’s unplanned, and after his first attempt at pancakes sets the fire alarm off they go out for brunch, a walk, and this time she holds his hand properly. They spend the rest of the day having sex slow and sweet, no toys, no power play, just their bodies and the afternoon sun slanted across the floor and Will remembering what it’s like to be made breathless by the discovery of another person’s shape and feel.

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