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Rachel/Santana Center Stage AU for peachbows 


It’s not so much a Center Stage AU as it is… “they’re randomly in ballet school” but you know, I tried. /o\

“Who’s that?” Rachel asks, beating the side of her pointe shoe against the concrete of the building. Sugar’s still catching her up, and she tends to focus on the unimportant details instead of the overall. So far Rachel knows that Quinn Fabray’s mom was a Noxema Girl in the 80s, that Tina was in love with this guy at Joffrey, and that Sugar’s dad was totally, absolutely, in no way in the mob and that she was there purely on her own awesome talent.

“Oh, her,” Sugar says, popping her gum. “That’s Santana Lopez. She’s here on scholarship which means she’s like totally talented and possibly poor, but mostly she’s just a major bitch.”

“Sugar,” Rachel hisses, swatting at her leg. “That’s not polite.”

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