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Hi, I'm Lauren!
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I'm 23, a university student and a self-confessed music nerd.

Here you'll find Glee, Disney, Sherlock, fic, musicals, pretty people, pretty things and my ramblings.
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i wish aziz ansari as Tom Haverford would have been the one to announce the new apple watch because that’s such a him idea. (tom haverford voice) It’s a watch…. *finger guns* that makes phonecalls. It’s a watch… *finger guns* that lets you control the temperature of any room. I call it (long pause, looks straight into the camera) Watch the Throne.

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Les Poperables - Les Miserables as told through pop(ish) songs


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Xavier Dolan in Candy Magazine 2013

ciao seconde partie.


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"Something to Rely On" - Kurt/Blaine 


For thetimesinbetween, who requested an “Oh Simple Thing” one-shot.  This one shot and the parent story are both fairly light in terms of kink factor.  Warnings for: D/S relationship, age difference, student/teacher, sex in a public space (empty choir room).

The atmosphere in the glee club after the Nationals win is joyful—Kurt’s kids vibrate with it, especially once final exams are out of the way.

The rehearsals for their graduation performance are nothing but fun; there’s a sudden lack of drama and Kurt is so pleased with them that he lets them pick one of the three songs they’re going to sing.  

Several of the students patch but none during school hours, so Kurt sends off his usual funny cards to the kids while they recover at home and is grateful that they were able to do so before going off to college.  It’s never fun to have to go through that sometimes hundreds of miles away from a familiar face, especially when you’re trapped in a dorm situation that affords little privacy.

He’s trying not to think about graduation itself or about the long distance video interview he just completed for the job in New York.  What matters right now is the end of the school year, completing his paperwork, and giving proper goodbyes to his graduating seniors.  

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Les Misérables - “On My Own”

They only released like a minute of the song and I was in tears.

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We're not broken, just bent.: Fic: Act Naturally (PG) 


Some Daddy!Klaine fluffy future fic.


When Kurt unlocks the door and pushes it open at ten past six, he knows almost instinctively that something is afoot.

He could hear some muffled tittering and food preparatory noises, but as soon as his footfalls alert his…

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Playtime, Klaine - NC-17 


A/N: I hope I can amuse you all with this fic. It was originally supposed to be a drabble, but now it’s 2300+ words. Oops. Warnings for: daddy!kink and male on male sex.

It had been a long day at the office. Usually, Kurt never stayed away so late – but the magazine went up in a few days, and he was being worked to the bone in order to get everything together on time. As a result, he usually returned in a grumpy mood. Blaine had learned to tread carefully whenever Kurt slammed the front door shut upon entering.

Treading carefully usually didn’t involve him being on their sofa, dressed in nothing but his boxers.

Kurt froze at the sight, his briefcase dropping from his slack grasp as he gaped. Blaine looked nervous, and he couldn’t help but wonder what his husband was up to. Blaine looked up at the sound of the bag hitting the ground, his beautiful eyes round with worry. He was chewing on his lower lip, Kurt noted, and sitting on his hands. What was going on? Blaine wasn’t even supposed to be home – he usually worked the latest shift at the bar on Fridays.

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