How do you document real life?

Hi, I'm Lauren!
(or rdm, if you prefer the shorter name with the longer story)

I'm 23, a university student and a self-confessed music nerd.

Here you'll find Glee, Disney, Sherlock, fic, musicals, pretty people, pretty things and my ramblings.
Oh and I have a tendency to overshare. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Unexpectedly really good days are the best.

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Today is the only morning I’ve been able to sleep in (in my own bed) in ages- so naturally I’m awake earlier than I have been all week >.>

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Every time I see the sticker on the meds I’m taking to help me sleep that says “this medication may cause drowsiness” I have to laugh. I mean, I bloody well hope so.

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I seem to have found my way back to instagram.

And by back, I mean I’ve logged in for the second time ever (the first time lasted 5 minutes) and am following people so you should tell me if I should follow you. I make no promises about posting anything, myself.

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Is it bedtime yet?

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Test is done! Pretty sure I passed, but no idea how well. So glad to be done, because it means I don’t have anything due for 3 weeks. :D

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So, on tumblr I tend to make friends by going “omg KINK omg”… I totally just did that in real life today

It was glorious.

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I got spoiled for Game of Thrones and now I want to watch it but I can’t - both because study and because I said I’d watch it with the boy

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Tempted to just wing it

from past experience I know this is a terrible idea


cannot be bothered writing more

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Okay fiiiiine I’ll write my presentation

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