How do you document real life?

Hi, I'm Lauren!
(or rdm, if you prefer the shorter name with the longer story)

I'm 23, a university student and a self-confessed music nerd.

Here you'll find Glee, Disney, Sherlock, fic, musicals, pretty people, pretty things and my ramblings.
Oh and I have a tendency to overshare. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And it’s time to get ready for work. I really don’t feel like teaching tiny humans today but OH WELL.

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I’m lightheaded and slightly dizzy without ever having gotten to hungry.

Thanks, body.

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I’m really really loving this A Great Big World album.

I may have just lost my shit at this verse

If you’re gay then you’re gay
If you’re straight well that’s great
If you fall in between that’s the best way to be
You’ve got so many options
Every fish in the sea wants to kiss you

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Okay, phone calls have been made, emails have been sent, it’s time to attempt to read The Faerie Queene.

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I went into a cd store to buy A Great Big World’s album - and walked out with 7 cds in total. Whoops.

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I love tumblr because I’ve had the weekend from hell and a few hours scrolling back through the silliness and seriousness and everything in between and now I’m feeling a lot more like myself. And feeling comfortable enough to explain why I may not be much like myself on here for a while.

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When you’re scared and alone
just know that I’m already home

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Guys, I think tumblr did the whole unfollowing-for-me thing again - so if we were mutual followers and are now not please let me know because I cannot figure out who it was D:

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