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I'm 23, a university student and a self-confessed music nerd.

Here you'll find Glee, Disney, Sherlock, fic, musicals, pretty people, pretty things and my ramblings.
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“Are you a prince?” she asks.

Kurt barks out a laugh and smiles down at her, amused. “No,” he admits, charmed by the question, “but sometimes I wish I was. Why?”

“You kiss Daddy like a prince.”




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I can just see these photographs

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 “Do you still need a cake?”


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“The kiss,” his father clarifies. “What did it feel like? Did it feel like goodbye?”

It’s a little odd and a lot personal, but Blaine gives his father the benefit of the doubt and tries to remember what it had felt like. He doesn’t always pay attention to details, too lost in sensation to care, but there are a few things about Kurt’s parting kiss that lingered — warmth and proximity and tongue-tied and Kurt’s hands on his waist. Blaine remembers reaching for him, needing an anchor, remembers Kurt pushing back, remembers keeping Kurt close. It hadn’t felt like goodbye. If anything, it had felt like an overwhelming desire to stay, to hold on, to just not let go.

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle of goo

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ohhh my godddd

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M I’m dying at the role reversal at breakfast

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oh my godddd

domme!emma is fantastic

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The question was rhetorical, but Blaine shrugged a little in answer all the same, nuzzling up into Kurt’s touch like a cat asking to be petted. “Love you.”

The words were barely more than a rasp of air, but Blaine still somehow managed to convey how absolutely ridiculous he found the question, like it was absurd that Kurt could think there was any other answer, and Kurt felt a warm rush of affection run through him. “I love you too, you sweet, sweet boy.” Kurt scratched gently down the back of Blaine’s scalp, smiling helplessly before leaning forward to brush a grateful kiss against Blaine’s forehead. “Thank you.”

nawwwwww <3

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The question was rhetorical this time, but unsurprisingly Blaine nodded frantically in response anyway, clearly not willing to risk further punishment.

Kurt gave a cheshire grin of anticipation, then struck without warning - four harshly abrupt strikes directly to Blaine’s soft cock and balls.

oh god oh god oh god *hyperventilates*

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