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Hi, I'm Lauren!
(or rdm, if you prefer the shorter name with the longer story)

I'm 23, a university student and a self-confessed music nerd.

Here you'll find Glee, Disney, Sherlock, fic, musicals, pretty people, pretty things and my ramblings.
Oh and I have a tendency to overshare. Don't say I didn't warn you.







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Putting the assy back in classy


Putting the assy back in classy

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“… you’ve been struck by a smooth criminal.”

The song having drawn to a close, the only sound that could be heard was the harsh breathing of the two individuals. Santana’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes shining with rage, and Sebastian couldn’t keep his eyes off her. “You’re gay,” a little voice chanted in his head. “You like boys. You like penis. Remember.”

Fuck that, he decided, inhaling sharply before lunging forward and capturing Santana’s lips in a bruising kiss. Santana let out a most uncharacteristic squeak before promptly stabbing her sharp heel into Sebastian’s foot and shoving him away. The tall boy stumbled backwards, panting and sporting a triumphant grin.

“Wrong plumbing for me, buster,” Santana spat, swiping her tongue along her bottom lip. “Plus you have the fucking balls to make a move on me after you sent Blaine to the hospital and stole our entire routine? What the fuck?”

Sebastian stepped forward, knocking over one of the chairs in his haste. Neither of them remembered or cared about the cellists in the room. “Believe me, you don’t have nearly enough equipment for me. But you can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that, San.”

Santana stiffened at the casual address. “Screw you,” she snorted derisively, even as she raised a hand to run a finger along her lips. “You’re an asshat.”

“Mmm, I think you can come up with something better,” Sebastian whispered before he bent down and kissed her again. This time, she didn’t push him away - instead, she bit down viciously on his bottom lip. Sebastian grinned into the kiss and brought up a hand to knock her hat off and yank at her hair. Santana broke away with a gasp, eyes flaming.

“Two can play at this game,” Sebastian whispered. Santana’s eyes narrowed, quirking an eyebrow upward at the challenge in the Warbler’s tone.

“I play to win.”



i can’t help it i keep watching it over and over

and i keep coming back to the same place in my head

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Glee Hold On To Sixteen Kublastian Scene


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