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Beginner’s Luck 5/9 (Kurt/Blaine, d/s AU) 


Beginner’s Luck
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, background Sam/Mercedes
Word count: 4,000 words this chapter
Rating: Explicit

Summary: D/s AU. At NYADA, he’s Blaine, a high-achieving student with lots of friends. At his part-time job, he’s Devon, professional sub at a clinic for doms. Kurt meets them both, but only falls for one.

Read the original GKM prompt here,

A/N: Continued thanks to damnpene and wowbright for beta-reading and encouragement. And to my sort of co-author for this chapter, Mr. Shakespeare, for the help.

Read on AO3 || PreviouslyChapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5

There was nothing Kurt loved as much as performing. Even in a situation like this, where it was just him and his scene partner in the front of the classroom — no sets, no lights, no costumes, no stage — there was still the rush of bringing the words to life, and having everyone’s eyes on him in a way that he chose. Since his hormones had kicked into overdrive, he’d come to realize that for him performing was another sort of dominance: taking the whole audience in his hand and leading them through the experience he wanted them to have. It was exhilarating.

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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

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20 Year Old Lover, #38: First time Blaine and Santana meet.

AU where Blaine is twenty years older than Kurt. ~5,700 words, R-ish for Santana’s mouth and mind. Set a few months into their relationship.

Santana takes a deep breath, dabbing her fingers under her eyes and tipping her head back, blinking quickly. A sniff to make sure all the stupid tears are gone and then she lifts her hand to knock hard on the door, three times in a row.

“Kurt!” she yells against it. “Kurt, you better be home and open the damn door or I swear to god I will screw off the – ”

“I’m coming, Santana!”

“Oh, thank fuck,” she mumbles to herself as she takes a step back, wobbling on her heels a little before regaining balance and pulling at her skirt; it’s the perfect length as long as she doesn’t actually move. “Hurry up!”

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"A Minor Variation" - Chris/Darren/Will/Mia 


How they get together.  Early poly!verse.  Little bit of everything with a slight Chris/Darren and Chris/Will focus as a matter of course.

Poly!verse Masterpost

It’s the third party in five months, and it’s hot as fuck inside of the small club. Darren had booked the back room for one of his now-well known welcome home get-togethers but as usual he’s invited too many people and there’s no elbow room at all.

Chris hadn’t even seen the invitation this time because Will had his phone when it came through, had smiled and nudged Chris’ shoulder and asked him if they had plans for the night in question, and Chris had checked his calendar and said no, and then a few days before the party Will had reminded him and he’d said, “Oh, Darren’s thing? Right, okay.”

"Okay" would not have been the response four months ago, but party number one had Mia and Will giggling over drinks after reuniting for the first time in over six months—Facebook likes not counting, in their book—and dancing with Chris and Darren staring owlishly at each other over their partners’ heads, for once struck silent and not sure how to handle the situation, because typically they just got drunk or high and danced in crowds when they socialized and never really interacted much.

Party number two had them dancing in different pairing combinations, dead fuck drunk. That night had ended with Will exclaiming that they had to hang out just the four of them, and Mia toasting that suggestion with a shot, and Darren leaning his head on Chris’ shoulder with an eyebrow that asked, “Is this happening?”

Drunk, Chris had thought he’d actually asked the question out loud, and had answered with a tentative smile, “I guess it is.”

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Decided not to practice before work, instead I will get ready and then write for a solid half hour on my creative writing task due Thursday.

I’ll practice in my break at work if I have one and then tomorrow I will just play and play and play. I think if I tried to get some in now my hands would just be like nope.

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31 Days of Disney Villains/Sidekicks (in no particular order)

[22/31] Edgar

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His Perfect Partner - Chapter 34 

Title:  His Perfect Partner (34/?)
Rating:  NC-17 overall (PG-13 this chapter)
Pairings:  Kurt/Blaine, with appearances by Burt/Carole, Tina/Mike, Mercedes/Sam, Brittany/Santana, Rachel/Finn
Spoilers: None, but assume that anything through Season Three is fair game for inspiration.
Word Count: 2215
Summary:  After five disappointing seasons on the show, professional dancer Kurt Hummel finally has his chance at ballroom glory.  With actress and fan favorite Kim Schrodinger as his partner, Kurt vows to channel all his focus into winning that mirrorball trophy - distractions, including men, be damned.  Enter Blaine Anderson, a gorgeous, confusing pop star who may turn out to be the biggest distraction of them all. 

In This Chapter: The final three couples are about to be announced, and emotions are running high for all the competitors.

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so like

what if Blaine and Rachel were married..

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New Chapter: Lughnasadh, Chapter 2 


Story Summary: On Lughnasadh, followers of the Old Ways gather around the bonfire to dismiss regrets and say farewell. As Kurt and Blaine release the burdens of their pasts and traditions that will keep them apart, they discover their new identities as men and as partners. Sequel to Beltane.

Series Summary: An erotic urban fantasy series set in a world where the Faerie Queen opened the barrier between the worlds, thus proving pagan religions to be true and allowing magic back into the human realm. Told in parts based on modernized Celtic fire festivals.

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