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Rereading the notes for our sweetheart verse TBU fix it fic was probably not the smartest idea I’ve had recently.

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Fic: Control - NC-17 


Title: Control

Rating: NC-17

Words: 5,000

Warnings: Established Dom/sub relationship. Spanking. Bondage. Smut. (Oh shit, I actually wrote this? It’s my first time writing D/s, so hopefully I did it justice. It’s an idea I had the night Wonder-ful aired that I haven’t been able to shake.) Also, lots of feelings.

Summary: Kurt’s losing control of everything, but Blaine can give him control over one thing. Takes place during Wonderful. Deals with Kurt’s OCD mentality. 

Also on LJ

Note: Nair is an American hair removal product.

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sweet jesus he was so high.

it was ridiculous XD

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ESPECIALLY the F/T part.

God, yeah. I wish there was info out there about it because it would be so interesting

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We really need to write more soon xD

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… would you believe kind of as a joke?

Britt and I were joking around with it mainly, and then the ep Michael happened - where Blaine is high on painkillers. We both watched that scene and decided that baby!blaine is totally canon because KICKYFEET.

And yeah that was basically it. XD

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I definitely think there’s a link in personality types (specifically the E/I part and the F/T part) and location on the D/s spectrum, but I’d love to see a study on it or something…

*nods enthusiastically* my thoughts exactly

I would read the hell out of a study like that, oh man

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"Trap and Release" - Kurt/Blaine 


By overwhelming request, a watersports/desperation fic (emphasis on the desperation part).  That means pee, y’all.  Don’t read it if you don’t like it.  Warnings for sex in a public space as well.

"Can we use the elevator?" Blaine asks, hands fluttering. “I don’t want to get my heart going, it might mess with my breath control later."

Kurt smiles indulgently, changes course, and the only thing between them and the nearest elevator is a wave and a smile exchanged between Kurt and a few of his NYADA friends.

Once the rickety metal doors slide shut Blaine lets himself pace a little, mouth working frantically albeit silently over the chorus of the song he’s using to audition.  He’s warmed up and eager to show the judges just what he can do—but he can’t deny that he’s nervous about this in a way that he’s never been before.

He’s had three coffees, a  juice box, and two bottles of water in the last four hours (not the best idea, especially not when combined with a lack of solid food), and he barely has time for a bathroom break before the audition.  Pacing reminds his bladder of just how full it is, of how badly he has to go; the low throbbing press of it against his stomach and abdomen pings, unpleasant and sudden.

"God, I really have to pee," he whispers, blushing, at Kurt.

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Legitimately losing my shit over that leakycon video. It’s just all of my favourite things rolled into one and I can’t handle it.

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Fic: Soon Enough 


Title: Soon Enough
Fandom: Glee
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: PG-13/R
Warnings: explicit depression and self-harm, may be triggering.
Word Count: ~5700
Summary: Blaine moves to New York after graduation.  There are steps forward, and steps back, but Kurt knows they’re getting there.

I guess this is my version of a post-The Break-Up fix-it fic?  Which says a lot about me, I guess.

I want to talk about how I wrote Blaine’s mental illness in this fic, and about representation of MIs in fanfic and fandom in general, but that post will have to come tomorrow or later in the week.  I have life and stuff.

ETA: That discussion is now here.

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